Harnessing Industry 4.0 for Quality Inspections and Assembly

Use of Technical Assistance Systems to Boost Efficiency & Cut Costs

‘Industry 4.0’ is quite possibly the manufacturing world’s most frequently used buzzword in the 2010s. While it is clearly not just the flavor of the month, the phenomenon still has some ways to go before it gains complete acceptance across the globe.

For most people, Industry 4.0 mainly refers to the Internet of Things (IoT) — the fact that every piece of equipment is interconnected, and how they have the ability to ‘talk’ to each other. True as that may be, the other principles that characterize Industry 4.0 are just as definitive (if not more so).

The connectivity enables information transparency, which allows the collection and sharing of vast amounts of data. Industry 4.0 is also characterized by decentralized decisions, where cyber-physical systems act as autonomous agents within its dedicated scope, performing tasks without the need for human intervention. And where humans are still required, Industry 4.0 has shifted their role — from operator of machines to problem-solver — through the use of technical assistance systems.

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