Measuring of GD & T Properties

Manufacturers today realise that feature location in part design and production is crucial. In order to produce interchangeable parts in a manufacturing environment, care must be taken that the design is sound enough to allow mating parts to work correctly. Furthermore, the industrial process must be robust enough to produce parts called out in design in an efficient and predictable manner. Likewise, measurement of the final parts must be done easily and with confidence in order to verify the in-process or final products. For example, inspection of a bore in an open setup often requires multiple measurement steps and mathematical calculations. Portable CMM technology can alleviate much of this work by allowing the user to fix the part on the spot; by simply aligning the part using a reference plane, line and a point. Creating this alignment it creates an x, y and z axis on the part. The user can then measure a diameter and report its relative position – and any deviation from the nominal, including MMC (Maximum Material Condition).

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