Revolutionizing General Survey Applications with 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology

Surveying is known to be one of the oldest professions in the world. Dating back to 1900 AD, tools such as Gunter’s Chain, Compass and Transit have been used to obtain distances and angles. Since then, technological advancement has seen the land surveying instruments evolve. Today, devices commonly used by land surveyors include the Digital Level, Digital Theodolite, Total Station and GPS/GNSS. Paired with powerful computers and rapidly improving software tools, land surveyors today have a variety of options to complete their surveying tasks, with much more ease and within a shorter timeframe.

3D terrestrial laser scanner (3D TLS) is the latest and newest technology, and it has been gaining acceptance in the land surveying field, especially for general surveying applications, such as Topographic, As-Built, Volume and Area Measurement, Monitoring and more. 3D TLS uses advanced technology to produce extremely detailed three-dimensional point cloud datasets of complex environments and geometries.

The captured point clouds are then processed by the 3D TLS software, which is used to create contours and meshes, calculate volumes and create profiles and cross-sections.  In this webinar, you will see Geomagic Software Solutions’ ability to work directly with the scan data collected by the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D, which enables generation of 3D measurement reports, computation of mesh volumes, and extraction of 2D Sketches/3D features to be performed easily. Learn about the usage of 3D scan data in monitoring applications, as-built 3D models or transfer for downstream applications.

Webinar Topics:
• Evolution of Land Surveying Instrument
• Principal of 3D Terrestrial Laser scanner
• Field-to-Finish Integrated Workflow for General Surveying Task
• Software Solution
   • Data Import
   • Generate 3D Measurement Reports
   • Compute Mesh Volume
   • Extract 2D Sketches and 3D Features
   • As-Built Models
   • 3D Data for Monitoring

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