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lock Sumitomo Mitsui Construction uses point cloud data for automatic inspection measurement of cross-sectional dimensions of bridge girders. FARO® Laser Scanner adds efficiency to work execution management. FARO® Focus Laser Scanners As-Built Documentation Architecture & Construction Case Studies 18/10/2019
lock High-definition Scanning Makes It Easy to Handle Complex Pipe Fitting Measurements FARO® Quantum FaroArm® & ScanArm Series Non-Contact Inspection, Incoming Inspection, First Article Inspection Automotive Case Studies 09/10/2019
lock FARO Enables 60% Time-Savings for Sheet Metal Fabricator FARO® Quantum FaroArm® & ScanArm Series Dimensional Analysis Machine Shop Case Studies 21/08/2019
lock How to ensure that “cheap special effects” are no longer prevalent? Digital point cloud helps you in creating dreams FARO® Focus Laser Scanners Virtual Simulation Case Studies 27/09/2019
lock Engineering Surveyor Enhances Service with FARO Laser Scanning Technology FARO® Focus Laser Scanners Architecture & Construction Case Studies 19/09/2019
lock 3D Laser Scanner Improves Productivity in New Construction and Renovation Works. Point Cloud Data Utilization Case at Takenaka Corporation FARO® Focus Laser Scanners As-Built Documentation, Building Information Modeling Architecture & Construction Case Studies 13/09/2019
lock Passing Down the Heart and Essence of Cultural Assets to Future Generations. Color Scan to Achieve More in Reality and 8-Axis Design to Save Significant Operating Time FARO® Design ScanArm Reverse Engineering Heritage Case Studies 20/09/2019
lock Trustworthy FARO 3D Scanning Technology Guarantees Urban Tunnel Monitoring FARO® Focus Laser Scanners Asset and Facility Management Tunnel & Mining Case Studies 30/08/2019
lock FARO solution significantly reduces operation time through automation. FARO® Vantage Laser Tracker and FARO® BuildIT Metrology Software improve robot accuracy through unique measurement method FARO® Vantage Laser Trackers Robot Calibration Automotive Case Studies 27/08/2019
lock Precision Toolmaker Expands In-House Capabilities with FARO’s 3D Measurement Solutions FARO® Quantum FaroArm® & ScanArm Series Dimensional Analysis, CAD-Based Inspection, Reverse Engineering, Tool Building & Setup Machine Shop Case Studies 15/08/2019

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