Better Forensic Investigation for Law Enforcement 

FARO ensures accuracy in crime scene forensics. 
When collecting evidence from a crime scene, investigators race against the clock. Each passing moment makes evidence contamination more likely. Plus, in the case of a crash, there’s pressure to reopen roads quickly. FARO’s scanners dramatically reduce the time needed to capture any scene and help investigators stay safe.

Preserve crime scene evidence with speed and safety

Crime Scene Analysts

Secure detailed crime scene evidence quickly and accurately with advanced 3D reality capture technology. 


Provide 3D visuals and models to maintain clearly understood, objective court cases. 

Crash Reconstructionists

Safely identify the human, mechanical and speed-related factors of crashes with 3D scene scans.

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The crime scene of a 2016 shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Case Study

Police Quickly Document Shooting Scene

The Colorado Springs Police Department used a FARO Focus Laser Scanner to capture crime scene evidence from a mass shooting faster and more accurately than ever before.
A man looking at a scan of a crime scene on a laptop for forensic investigation
Case Study

Investigators Tackle Difficult Traffic Homicide Scene

The Volusia County Sherriff’s Office used a FARO Focus Laser Scanner to document every detail of a large crash scene.
3D modeling of a crime scene for courtroom presentation

3D Technology in the Courtroom

Learn how to go from a crash or crime scene to the courtroom with 3D technology.

Delivering critical evidence with 3D technology

A private investigation company captures accurate data to present in court.

Law Enforcement Insights

In partnering with FARO, you’ll benefit from our years of experience helping investigators and public safety professionals hone their operations. We’ve collected all our insights in a library of resources for you.

Law Enforcement Product Spotlight

FARO Focus Laser Scanners

Captures fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings.

Scanner FARO Freestyle 2

Designed for fast, photorealistic 3D reality capture with ultra-responsive real-time display.


Automatically combines individual scans from any laser scanner to create a cohesive point cloud.

FARO Zone 3D Software

Produces stunning visuals with 2D/3D diagrams, analysis, animations and videos. 

FARO® Orbis Mobile Laser Scanner

FARO Orbis is the all-in-one mobile laser scanner with integrated static scanning capabilities, powered by FARO FLASH technology.
Photos make you wonder what evidence might have been outside the picture. With the laser scanner, you capture everything in the range of the laser scanner.
Captain Brent Worth
Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Martinsville, IN
With the FARO Scanner, we are able to create photo-realistic, full-color 3D diagrams for prosecutors to use in court. These images help members of the jury gain a perspective on what the actual scene looked like that is just not possible to do with 2D diagrams.
Peter Quick, Senior
Colorado Springs Police Department, Colorado Springs, CO
Scanners are going to become a way of life for all us investigators. They are accurate, reliable, efficient and NOW they are affordable.
Bobby Jones
Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Knoxville, TN

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