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The FARO PointSense industry solutions provide several intuitive tools for the management and processing of laser scan data within AutoCAD® and Revit®.


Effective and industry specific modelling, evaluation and analysis of 3D laser scan data.

FARO PointSense products provide enhanced functionality for processing point cloud data allowing you a reliable and effective evaluation of hardware independent scanning and photogrammetry data within Autodesk’s CAD construction and planning tools such as AutoCAD® or Revit®.

PointSense programs support the data formats from all of the major laser scanner manufacturers and offer specific solutions for industries such as architecture, plant construction and heritage preservation. Because these powerful tools are used for a large number of different applications, FARO bundles all of the PointSense programs in one solution: the PointSense Suite.

PointSense Suite: The All-in-One Solution

PointSense Suite: The All-in-One Solution

The PointSense Suite is a product bundle of FARO’s popular PointSense Plug-ins for AutoCAD® and Revit® , which accelerate the evaluation of laser scan data. It provides a complete set of powerful, industry specific point cloud processing tools under one licence. AEC professionals can utilize the PointSense Suite to perform intelligent feature extraction, for CAD design and scan to BIM as well as deformation analysis tools for QA/QC assessment.

As all of the software tools are stored under one licence the PointSense Suite offers convenient software use. The Suite includes all of the PointSense for AutoCAD® programs and PointSense for Revit, which gives you the best value for money software bundle, including all of the tools you need for the efficient evaluation of reality capturing data.

PointSense for Revit: Effective processing of 3D laser scanner data in Revit<sup>®</sup>

PointSense for Revit: Effective processing of 3D laser scanner data in Revit®

The FARO PointSense for Revit software is designed for architects, engineers and general contractors who need to evaluate 3D laser scan data quickly and precisely directly inside Autodesk® Revit® to be able to create intelligent BIM models. This Plug-In tremendously extends the functionality of Autodesk® Revit® in regards to scan data evaluation. With customized functions for BIM model creation, alignment, editing and analysis you are able to comply with the complete workflow around the building lifecycle. PointSense permits a quick and intuitive workflow for the processing of even large point clouds and provides an excellent return of investment. You are able to efficiently model ground surfaces, walls, doors and windows, columns, beams and pillars, roofs or even pipe runs e.g. for use in MEP applications.

Combined with a FARO 3D Laser Scanner and FARO SCENE software, PointSense for Revit® forms the FARO BIM Ready Package for Revit® and the add-on is also part of the PointSense Suite.

PointSense Plant: Intelligent Plant Design from 3D scans in AutoCAD<sup>®</sup>

PointSense Plant: Intelligent Plant Design from 3D scans in AutoCAD®

PointSense Plant is designed for engineers and professionals specialized in maintaining industrial plants. The software allows the efficient modelling of piping systems and steel construction inside AutoCAD® based on 3D laser scan data. An auto-recognition feature based on editable catalogues identifies and pre-calculates industry standard components.

PointSense Plant provides tools for pattern recognition of plant assets from the point cloud data, giving designers the ability to work directly with their familiar AutoCAD® based plant design programs (AutoCAD Plant 3D, MEP, CADWorx, AutoPLANT, etc.). Users determine the precise tie-in points for the components without any modelling. A comprehensive tank analysis function is also provided. The resulting models can be exported to design programs such as AutoCAD® Plant 3D, Advance Steel® etc.

Combined with a FARO Focus laser scanner and FARO SCENE PointSense software, Plant forms the FARO Plant Ready Package for AutoCAD. The AutoCAD® add-on is also part of the PointSense Suite.

PointSense Building: From 3D laser scanner data to 2D plans

PointSense Building: From 3D laser scanner data to 2D plans

The AutoCAD® add-on PointSense Building is designed for customers such as architects or facility managers who seek to efficiently generate architect compatible 2D plans from 3D point clouds, e.g. property planning and survey, interior fitting or special construction such as ship building.

PointSense Building extends AutoCAD® with tools such as an automatic polygon alignment for fast construction of 2D sections, specific drawing and dimensioning commands for building elements such as windows, doors, staircases, etc. or a database compatible area management.

PointSense Building is also part of the PointSense Suite.

PointSense Heritage: High resolution documentation of historical buildings and archaeological sites

PointSense Heritage: High resolution documentation of historical buildings and archaeological sites

PointSense Heritage for AutoCAD® is suitable for the documentation of historical monuments in conservation, historic building research and the recording of complex three-dimensional excavations in archaeology. Users generate significant and detailed rectified mosaics or derive 3D models from the laser scan data and photos. The integration of point clouds and photos accelerates the 3D modelling process. Stand-alone photogrammetric functions such as the calculation of true ortho photos are also included.

PointSense Heritage is part of the PointSense Suite.

PointSense Pro: 3D laser scan data within AutoCAD<sup>®</sup>

PointSense Pro: 3D laser scan data within AutoCAD®

PointSense Pro for AutoCAD® adds useful tools for modelling and analyzing 3D laser scan data in AutoCAD® and its associated products, such as Civil 3D, Architecture and Map 3D.
PointSense Pro is universally suitable for many different AutoCAD® workflows, such as inventory documentation in the preservation of monuments and historic buildings, in archaeological excavation documentation or construction supervision for Quality Analysis and Quality Control (QC/QA).

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