Workshop: Launching LiDAR – Taking Construction Technology to New Heights

Dates: 15 Jan, 2019 - 15 Jan, 2019
Location: Arizona Pipe Trades Apprenticeship, 2950W Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85017

With this free, interactive and educational workshop, we will dive into 3D data reality capture solutions and software platforms that will help you dramatically improve transparency and traceability of construction projects. Get hands-on experience with efficient, secure and forward-looking solutions for data collection, pre-processing and evaluation for various surveying tasks in the design, build and operating phases. Your time will be well spent learning how these tools can accelerate processes, reduce project costs, minimize waste and increase profitability.


• See a LIVE demo of the newest airborne 3D scanning solution: STORMBEE UAV
• Participate in demonstrations to effectively accomplish lean construction projects
• Experience the most innovative reality capture devices, from 3D laser scanners to 2D handheld scanners
• Explore how to use real-time, on-site automatic registration software for efficient data processing
• Engage with various construction platforms for designing, modeling and conducting QA/QC in the field

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