Tunnel & Mining

Tunnel & Mining
Tunnel & Mining

Safety is a prime concern in any tunnel or mining application; in order to mitigate risks, a FARO® Laser Scanner can be used to identify and record any cracks and fissures, compare the data to previous scans, and identify areas of concern. Ongoing 3D documentation carried out by a 3D laser scanner can prevent serious issues such as a mine collapse, as it instantly detects any alterations in local rock strata, so that appropriate safety measures can be taken well in advance.

Additionally, by providing highly accurate 3D documentation for geological mapping and structural assessment, the FARO Laser Scanner helps to reduce unnecessary excavating while capturing critical geometric information such as volume and shape.

Anderson & Associates Reduces Tunnel Interior Measurement Time by 60% Using Laser Scanners

The Heartland Corridor is the most ambitious railroad engineering project of the last century. The project required increasing the vertical clearance of 28 tunnels and removing 24 overhead obstructions. Anderson & Associates (A&A) was hired to document the tunnels in order to check final clearances and provide a record for maintenance.


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