Webinar: Basics in Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning

날짜: 2011년 07월 13일

Webinar: Basics in Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning

Webinar Overview:

This webinar will introduce you to the basics of 3D laser scanning. You will find out more about the benefits of 3D laser scanning and how it will help to improve accuracy, increase efficiency, time reduction and most importantly to reduce cost.


Webinar Details

Webinar Topics

  • What is 3D laser scanning?
  • Laser scanning theory & technology
  • FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D
  • Applications & industries
  • Scan data alignment & demo
  • 3D software solutions
  • Benefits of 3D laser scanning


  • Architecture & Construction
  • Bridge
  • Education
  • Forensics
  • Heritage
  • Law Enforcement
  • Petrochemical
  • Shipbuilding
  • Tunnel & Mining


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FARO 웹세미나: Basics in Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning


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