Features & Benefits

The Freestyle 2 makes it easy to maneuver around in even the most challenging spaces and capture highly accurate data with speed and precision.

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Better Flexibility


The lightweight, highly portable design allows you to easily navigate the scene to capture confined spaces and small, intricate objects in detail.

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Faster Results


The Freestyle 2 allows you to capture a detailed rendering of complex crash and crime scenes in a fraction of the time it would take using conventional methods.

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Photorealistic Accuracy


The Freestyle 2 captures colored 3D data with up to 0.5mm accuracy, and you can monitor the scan results in real-time with the visualization display screen.

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What Customers Are Saying

It’s fast, accurate, lightweight, easy to operate, and a major ‘game-changer’ for both crash and crime scenes…After a brief introduction to the scanner, I scanned the entire exterior of a car in less than five minutes.

Bobby Jones

My guys are able to use it and still be agile. They can move around a vehicle or a scene and not have to worry about the PC moving, so all things considered, it really helps us keep within our time restraints for what we have to do.

Gabe Mullinax

Once I had seen the results you can get from FARO in building a 3D world, it just blew away everything I had seen before. You can get a whole virtual world of what that scene was. It’s not just looking at the individual crime scene objects.

Dennis Francowski

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Capture data from the scene with confidence.

Learn more about how handheld 3D scanners like the Freestyle 2 are bringing a new level of flexibility, speed, and accuracy to scene investigation and reconstruction.

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