FARO® RevEng™ Capture

Improve the way you capture and mesh objects

FARO<sup>®</sup> RevEng™ Capture

FARO® RevEng™ Capture Features

FARO RevEng Capture Features

Reliable and Robust Device Connection
Excellent out of box experience with a completely tested and full featured solution. Setup is fast with integrated device drivers and efficient user interface.

Efficient and Rapid 3D Point Capture
Increase productivity by reducing data capture time and eliminating overlapping points. Create up to 1.75X lighter models with the grid management feature to obtain clean, light and consistent point cloud data.

Automatic Optimization Tool for Meshing
Obtain dimensionally accurate, reliable and repeatable mesh file results. The best in class single button tool provides quick performance and optimized surface quality.

Best in Class Mesh Editing Capabilities
Increase user efficiency with the powerful editing tools. Quickly optimize meshes up to 20X faster than the current leading tools with the Automated Mesh Fix tool and improve smoothing effectiveness up to 1.5X faster.


Dział sprzedaży:

  • 00800-3276-7253 (Numer bezpłatny)

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  • 00800-3276-7378 (numer bezplatnie)
  • +49 (0)7150 9797 – 400

Biuro Lokalne:

  • +48 71 716 64 43

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