FARO Laser Tracker

Portable, Large-Scale, High-Accuracy 3D Measurement.

FARO Laser Tracker

Large-scale, 3D metrology is now faster and easier than ever before

FARO Vantage Laser Trackers are extremely accurate, portable coordinate measuring machines that enable you to build products, optimize processes, and deliver solutions by measuring quickly, simply and precisely.

These Laser Trackers feature FARO’s patent-pending ActiveSeekTM technology that allows the tracker to find and follow the target, even after the user passes behind obstructions.

The new VantageS6 and VantageE6 models add 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) with the optional 6Probe. The 6Probe enables the user to measure hidden areas, that are not in direct line of sight, as well as in small, tight, hard-to-reach areas. The VantageS6 and VantageE6 when deployed with the 6Probe are the industry’s most cost-effective 6DoF solutions that meet the dynamic measurement and accuracy requirements of the most challenging applications.

Vantage Laser Trackers optimize workflow productivity for large-scale metrology applications including, but not limited to, assembly alignment, part and assembly inspection, machine installation and alignment, and reverse engineering.

The compact and portable Vantage Laser Tracker models offer:

  • ActiveSeek
  • 6DoF (VantageS6 and VantageE6 models)
  • High-Speed Dynamic Measurement
  • RemoteControls™ Workflow
  • Exceptional Portability and Ruggedness
  • Easy integration with FARO’s patented Super 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom) TrackArm solution
FARO Vantage Laser Tracker

FARO Vantage Laser Tracker

FARO Vantage Laser Trackers are high-performance, high-value Laser Trackers which allow users to maximize productivity and reduce inspection cycle times by 50% to 75%. These Laser Trackers set the standard in workflow productivity management for metrology applications.

Use the table below to evaluate the Vantage model that is best suited for your requirements.

  VantageS6 VantageE6 VantageS VantageE
Measurement Volume (Diameter)        
Spherically-Mounted Retroreflector (SMR) 160m 70m 160m 70m
6DoF (6Probe) * 30m 30m
Super 6DOF 120m 70m 120m 70m
Dynamic Measurement Speed (Points/Sec) 1 000 1 000 1 000 1 000

* Minimum measurement range for 6Probe is 2.5m

FARO Super 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) TrackArm

FARO Super 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) TrackArm

Measure anything, any size, anywhere, at a fraction of the cost of other comparable systems.

The FARO Super 6DoF TrackArm combines the FARO Vantage platform (VantageS6, VantageE6, VantageS, VantageE, or legacy Vantage) with one or more FARO ScanArms to provide a very large-scale six-degrees-of-freedom capability for both probing and scanning. Switching between the Tracker and the Arm, users can reach hidden points – even around corners and inside hole features. Line-of-sight issues are eliminated.

The Super 6DoF TrackArm is available as a complete system consisting of the Laser Tracker, ScanArm, and TrackArm Kit.

  • • Typical measurement performance:
    80µm + 5 µm/m

Click here to Learn more about Super 6DoF TrackArm


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