FARONow! Customer Portal


Explore FARONow! to access extensive resources and personalized service to maximize use of your new FARO solution.

As a FARO customer, it is our objective to best serve you and your business needs by providing complete support for your FARO assets. Our customer service portal FARONow! provides you with easy access to specifics on your FARO products:



  • Comprehensive Asset Details & Information
  • Product Certification Status Details
  • Calibration & Certification Request Options
  • Warranty Information & Renewal
  • Extensive Knowledge Base to Answer Any Question
  • Quick Case Submission for Customer Service

FARONow! is accessible anywhere, anytime, with any device. Our site is completely secured and personalized to your native language.

Start using FARONow! Today!

Look for your “Welcome to FARONow!” emails from support.emea@faro.com that contain your FARONow! username and password.


Dział sprzedaży:

  • 00800-3276-7253 (Numer bezpłatny)
  • +49 (0)7150 9797-198
  • +39 011 754 92 13

Serwis & Wsparcie techniczne:

  • 00800-3276-7378 (numer bezplatnie)
  • +49 (0)7150 9797 – 400

Biuro Lokalne:

  • +48 (0)71 339 32 76

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Dotychczasowi posiadacze konta na stronie FARO proszeni są o ponowną rejestrację.

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