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FARO Technologies Polska Sp. z o.o.
adres siedziby:
ul. Górki 7
60-204 Poznań

adres korespondencyjny:
ul. Grabiszyńska 241 A
53-234 Wrocław

tel.: +48 71 339 32 – 76 / – 82
fax: +48 71 339 32 70

email: poland.emea@faro.com
internet: www.faro.com

Sąd Rejonowy w Poznaniu
Wydział XXI Gospodarczy
KRS 241186
NIP 779-22-61-919

REGON: 300065740
Kapitał zakładowy: 50.000,00 PLN

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Whilst the information provided on this web site is given in good faith by FARO Europe GmbH & Co KG no warranty or representation is given concerning such information which must not be taken as establishing any contractual or other commitment binding upon FARO Europe GmbH & Co KG or any of its subsidiary or associated companies. Furthermore the information contained on this Web Site may be changed or updated without notice.


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Any comments or materials sent to FARO Europe GmbH & Co KG or any of its respective subsidiary or associated companies through this Web Site including answers to questions or suggestions shall be deemed to be non-confidential. FARO Europe GmbH & Co KG has no obligation with respect to such comments or materials and has freedom to reproduce use or transform such comments or materials without limitation. Furthermore FARO Europe GmbH & Co KG shall have free use of any ideas concepts know-how or techniques contained in such comments or materials.

FARO Europe GmbH & Co KG has no liability either directly or indirectly for any other Web Sites which you may access through this site and FARO Europe GmbH & Co KG has no control over such Sites.

FARO Europe GmbH & Co KG its subsidiaries or its associated companies will accept no liability either directly or indirectly for any consequential damages from any use of this Web Site including without limitation any loss of profits, business interruption, loss of programmes or other data on information handling systems or otherwise.



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Dział sprzedaży:

  • 00800-3276-7253 (Numer bezpłatny)
  • +49 (0)7150 9797-198
  • +39 011 754 92 13

Serwis & Wsparcie techniczne:

  • 00800-3276-7378 (numer bezplatnie)
  • +49 (0)7150 9797 – 400

Biuro Lokalne:

  • +48 (0)71 339 32 76

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