FARO® Cobalt Structured Light Scanner

FARO Cobalt Array Imager enables custom configurations to improve productivity.

FARO<sup>®</sup> Cobalt Structured Light Scanner

FARO® Cobalt Array Imager Features

The FARO Cobalt Array Imager is a metrology-grade, non-contact scanner which utilizes blue light technology and on-board processing to capture millions of high resolution 3D coordinate measurements in seconds.

It delivers fast and consistent measurements for dimensional inspection and reverse engineering applications.

Compact and lightweight, the Cobalt Array Imager is easy to use across multiple applications. The combination of flexibility, portability, speed and accuracy makes Cobalt Array Imager an ideal solution for your demanding metrology needs.

Multiple Imager Arrays:

Expand the field of view and increase data capturing speed by flexibly deploying multiple Cobalt units 

With Multiple Imager Arrays, two or more Cobalt units can be used to simultaneously gather data on an object that is being inspected.

Benefits: Increases the effective field of view which, in turn, reduces inspection time and increases productivity. A multiple imager array of Cobalt sensors is often more flexible and affordable than purchasing a larger field of view system.

On-Board Processing:

Delivers fast, reliable performance, and easy multi-unit integration

On-board processing enables the Cobalt system to calculate accurate point cloud data before the data is sent to the PC. Dedicated processing on the Cobalt ensures consistent calculation speed, regardless of other tasks that the PC may be performing. Integration into manufacturing processes is simplified and enables the control of multiple units from a single PC.

Benefits: Integration is simplified, and inspection times become more predictable and more reliable, ultimately enabling more efficient throughput. Implementing the simultaneous use of multiple units further reduces cycle time.

High Resolution:

For inspections where precision is critical for capturing fine details, features, and edges

High resolution refers to the point spacing of the resulting point cloud, which is a function of the resolution of the camera and the field of view. Choose between the 5MP Cobalt or the 9MP Cobalt. The 9MP version improves the resolution and the ability to capture features on edges and surfaces.

Cobalt offers 5 and 9 megapixel cameras and multiple fields of view. The narrow fields of view have a higher resolution than the wider fields of view.

Benefit: Fine details are easily scanned with the system. The interchangeable field of view allows Cobalt to be tailored to the
customer’s need.

High Dynamic Range:

Easily handles complex parts with dark surfaces, light surfaces, different colors, textures and reflectivity

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature provides the ability to measure both dark and light surfaces at the same time, by collecting data with multiple exposures.

Automatic-exposure selects the optimal settings to achieve coverage on selected areas. The user can define any number of areas to get full coverage of a surface.

Benefit: Accurately capture light and dark surfaces and/or multi-colored objects in a single scan.

Automatic Exposure:

Applies optimal exposure settings to ensure the best possible data for every situation

Automatic exposure selects the optimal exposure, ensuring the best possible data at all times.

These optimal exposures can then be saved and entered into an inspection program to skip subsequent auto-exposure steps and further accelerate the process.

Benefit: Ensures the best possible data set and records exposures for repeated measurements. There is no need for the user or the Cobalt system to continuously recalculate exposures. Throughput is increased and inspection time is reduced.

Stereo Cameras:

Ensure high accuracy and stability and enable self-monitoring

Stereo Cameras deliver the highest accuracy and also monitor the system itself. This ensures the system is working within specification and is scanning with a high consistency during each measurement process.

Benefit: Reliable and stable measurement results are automatically assured during the inspection process

Enhanced Stereo Mode:

Maximizes coverage area in each scan and shortens inspection time

With Enhanced Stereo Mode, the left and right cameras optimally combine all the data to get the most out of each measurement, maximizing coverage area in each scan, and reducing line-of-sight issues typical of other imaging systems. In short, what one camera may not see (due to line of sight issues) the other camera is able to capture.

Benefit: The number of images required during inspection is reduced and overall inspection time is shortened.

Blue Light Technology:

Enhances ability to measure dark and reflective surfaces in variable lighting conditions

The Cobalt system uses blue LED and digital projection to achieve a high-intensity, structured light pattern. Blue light provides an excellent contrast, even on dark and shiny surfaces.

Filters on the camera reject ambient light outside of the blue spectrum, enabling operation independent of lighting conditions. The LED provides a high-intensity light which reduces exposure time, while the digital projector can cycle through several image projections in seconds.

Benefit: Simplified capture of dark and shiny surfaces.

Interchangeable Lenses:

Provide flexibility for multiple fields of view

The Cobalt system is user-configurable with multiple fields of view. The option of interchangeable lens kits enable the system to collect point cloud data on various-sized parts with different point spacing (resolution).  Higher resolution results in more detailed scans. The smaller field of view lens kit covers a smaller area with a closer point spacing (higher resolution). The larger field of view lens kit covers a larger area with wider point spacing.
Lens kits are easily removed and replaced on the Cobalt.

Benefits:  Every Cobalt system is capable of multiple fields of view.  Interchangeable lenses allow flexibility for multiple applications.


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