FARO PhoToPlan

The add-on FARO PhoToPlan enhances AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® LT with real photogrammetric functions.


FARO PhoToPlan Features

Photogrammetry directly within AutoCAD®

The PhoToPlan family of AutoCAD® based applications allow for the evaluation of photos and plans directly within AutoCAD®. PhoToPlan basic, PhoToPlan, PhoToPlan Pro and PhoToPlan Ultimate are built on top of each other, the range of functions is increasing. 


With PhoToPlan you can rectify photos for a 2D evaluation either with a few reference lengths from the object or with control points which have been surveyed on the object. The rectification planes may be freely positioned. 

Within AutoCAD®, you may draw/digitize directly on the photos or you may mount the photos to spatially arranged façade plans. These serve as templates for taking measurements and documenting the object photographically at the correct scale. 


In addition to the functionality mentioned above, PhoToPlan Pro and PhoToPlan Ultimate offer image orientation and photogrammetric multi-image evaluation.

By clicking the same point in two separate images, taken from different positions, PhoToPlan Pro and PhoToPlan Ultimate calculate the precise geometric position of this point in 3D-space. These 3D points are used to generate 3D line-work and objects directly in AutoCAD®

3D surface objects such as cylinders and planes but also prismatic surfaces may be generated for a fast evaluation within PhoToPlan. If for example, a defined plane represents a wall, the window openings and sills may easily be constructed as CAD objects by tracing over the oriented image. In this way photos can be efficiently evaluated to façade plans and 3D models.

With PhoToPlan Ultimate surfaces of cylindrical and prismatic objects can be projected into a plane for creating scaled image plans. Another additional function is the computing of ortho photos.


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