Evaluation of laser scan data with or without CAD



VirtuSurv: Evaluate laser scan data with or without CAD

VirtuSurv: Evaluate laser scan data with or without CAD

*Stream data into forms and databases
Easily take measurements, navigate in the photo-like scan view and send them directly into the Windows application of your choice. Fill in forms, Excel sheets, databases or tables with distances or coordinates.

* Create CAD drawings and 3D models from scan data within minutes
Click and measure the desired points and distances within VirtuSurv and the design is simultaneously drawn into a CAD plan or BIM design, e.g. in AutoCAD®, Revit®, BricsCAD®, SEMA® or Rhino®.

* Display laser scans fast and as clear as photos
High resolution views make it possible to navigate intuitively, recognize needed objects and easily survey them within the familiar photo-like view of the scans.

* Combine different data sets – Work in a homogeneous environment
Combine different scanner formats in a single VirtuSurv project and measure across the single scan boundaries.

* Write macros with CAD commands and make them easily available by using hot keys
Adapt VirtuSurv to your specific workflow. Take advantage of predefined and comfortable command strings. As an experienced user, customize the macros at will and create new macros in order to optimize your workflows.

* Create a coded field book
Combine laser scanning with your familiar workflow to create a coded field book based on total station data. The “Create Field Book” option within VirtuSurv supports this traditional procedure and reduces training to a minimum.


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