CAM2 Measure 10

Your Complete 3D Measurement Software.


Capabilities of FARO® CAM2 Measure 10

CAM2 Measure 10 incorporates the market-leading TechSoft 3D CAD translator and the Parasolid® CAD Engine. The software is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Russian and Turkish.


  • Import/export points to a text file
  • Import CAD files
  • Export measurement results to CAD
  • Export Point Cloud to mesh
  • Export CAD as XGL


  • Multiple Concurrent Device Support
  • Seamless connection to FARO hardware devices
  • Direct measurement mode
  • Automatic Projection Plane mode
  • QuickTools programming module
  • Tube measurement
  • Easily align to part
  • Live feedback during measurement
  • Guided Geometry Measurement
  • Repeated part measurement


  • Record steps for a part program (online/offline)
  • Play steps in a measurement program
  • Integrated programming module


  • Align my Part Wizard
  • Iterative
  • 3.2.1
  • Six-point surface
  • RPS
  • Constrained Iterative


  • Pick features from CAD (single click)
  • Create nominal features by entering values


  • Versatile export formats
  • Report with images and in different CS
  • Export to HTML, text, Microsoft® Excel, PDF

Live Color Scan

  • Color scale in the 3D view
  • Surface Profile GD&T
  • Place labels on your scan to determine deviations at critical locations
  • Export scans to text file


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