Self-tuning laser scan head with technologically advanced digital processor control.

FARO<sup>®</sup> DIGI-CUBE<sup>®</sup>

The FARO® Digi-Cube® is a high precision, high scan rate, 10mm aperture digital servo controlled scan head that cost less than comparable lower performance analog models. Fully compatible with industry standard mounting interface, it is a high value alternative to lower performance products offered by other scan head manufacturers.


The Digi-Cube Digital Scan Head is designed for easy OEM integration and plug-and-play replacement of existing analog servo control scan heads, simplifying installation and compatibility issues. Using the standard XY2-100 communication protocol, the Digi-Cube has industry standard mechanical bolt patterns, power and communication pinouts, and is available in a wide range of mirror coatings and F-Theta lenses. The Self-Tuning Technology automatically compensates for mechanical wear, extending service life and eliminating the issue of traditional analog servo filters.

The Digi-Cube uses advanced DSP technology to rapidly compute and predict the exact drive impulses required to achieve small mirror movements with the fastest possible acceleration. Detailed self-diagnosis and system check determine the operating parameters of the individual galvos, ensuring accuracy and precise laser mark positioning. By comparison, analog models need complicated manual recalibration after prolonged use.

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