FARO® Imaging Laser Radar

VectorRI: A New Class of LIDAR with High Speed Imaging (HSI) Technology.

An ultra-high speed, large-volume, non-contact 3D measurement solution with high-resolution 3D imaging and projection guidance for manual and automated manufacturing processes.

FARO<sup>®</sup> Imaging Laser Radar

World’s only LIDAR with High Speed Imaging (HSI) Technology

The FARO VectorRI Imaging Laser Radar introduces a new class of LIDAR with High Speed Imaging (HSI) technology. HSI technology combines ultra-high speed 3D scanning and ranging with high-resolution 3D imaging and projection. The solution is a groundbreaking advancement in large-volume, non-contact metrology and guidance – and promises to provide industrial manufacturers with significant inspection cycle time reduction and exceptional throughput.

The VectorRI delivers a continuous stream of high-resolution surface data with scanning speed that is thousands of times faster than any currently-available technology. Not only does the solution provide unmatched speed, the VectorRI has proprietary 3D imaging capabilities to provide qualitative and quantitative inspection data. Extreme resolution and very dense point spacing allow the system to scan massive areas of up to 15.2 x 15.2 meters (50 x 50 feet) without sacrificing fine details that would be missed by any other device.

Engineered to streamline measurement workflows, the VectorRI has built-in functionality that allows users to easily program fully-robotic, automated measurement routines that can run without any operator interaction. Until now, this degree of automation was impossible without the use of large, costly and complex robot integration.

The FARO VectorRI is only available through FARO’s Early Adopter Program. For more information, please visit the Early Adopter (EA) Program website.


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