FARO® Imaging Laser Radar

VectorRI: A New Class of LIDAR with High Speed Imaging (HSI) Technology.

An ultra-high speed, large-volume, non-contact 3D measurement solution with high-resolution 3D imaging and projection guidance for manual and automated manufacturing processes.


FARO® Imaging Laser Radar Applications

The FARO VectorRI Imaging Laser Radar is a game-changing solution which allows industries such as composites, aerospace, defense, automotive, heavy equipment, and shipbuilding to reduce inspection cycle times and improve throughput with the following applications:

  • ​Large-volume surface inspection & measurement of parts, assemblies and tools
  • ​In-Process Verification (IPV) and inspection including the projection of guidance instructions during the assembly process
  • ​Fully-automated, in-line inspection
  • ​Applications requiring high-resolution scan data such as detecting the angle of each layer or ply of carbon fiber during the layup process for composite part manufacturing


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