FARO® Imaging Laser Radar

VectorRI: A New Class of LIDAR with High Speed Imaging (HSI) Technology.

An ultra-high speed, large-volume, non-contact 3D measurement solution with high-resolution 3D imaging and projection guidance for manual and automated manufacturing processes.


FARO® VectorRI Imaging Laser Radar Features

LIDAR Technology with High Speed Imaging (HSI) Technology

The FARO VectorRI is the world’s first and only LIDAR with HSI technology delivering performance improvements over traditional LIDAR solutions, with high-speed distance measurement, high-speed beam steering, image-contrast functionality and projection guidance capabilities.  The VectorRIoffers a powerful solution for automated laser projection guidance, high-resolution imaging and 3D measurement much more cost effectively than conventional LIDAR systems.

Large-Volume, High-Resolution 3D Imaging

Large-volume, high-definition 3D imaging and recognition functionality allow the VectorRI to detect features within the scan, improving the ability to measure and inspect corners, fasteners, tooling balls and hole centers, as well as fitting 3D shapes over very large areas.  High-resolution scanning, capable of composing an image of 400 million pixels, provides high-resolution zoom capabilities on critical features.  The system is even powerful enough to detect the angle of each layer or ply of carbon fiber during the layup process for composite part manufacturing.

Built-In Functionality for Fully-Robotic, Automated Measurement

Engineered to streamline measurement workflows, the VectorRI has built-in functionality that allows users to easily program fully-robotic, automated measurement routines that can run without any operator interaction.  Until now, this degree of automation was impossible without the use of large, costly and complex robot integration.

SurroundScan Technology for Large-Scale, Metrology-Enabled Areas

The need for inspection robots can be eliminated even further by installing multiple VectorRIsystems in a SurroundScan configuration, all controlled from a single workstation in a shared coordinate system.  SurroundScan creates a very large-scale, metrology-enabled area for unparalleled ability to measure parts and assemblies throughout the entire facility.

Targetless, Non-Contact Measurement

No time-consuming application of targets, expensive tooling or additional hardware is required to align the system, allowing for faster set-up and more efficient measurement workflows. The VectorRI easily and accurately measures and inspects complex, difficult-to-reach and delicate features and surfaces.

TOPO-Based Surface Error Detection and Display

For enhanced operator efficiency, patented topographical (TOPO) software creates a visualization of errors versus the CAD model, in the form of a topographical projection onto the part or assembly being inspected for quick and easy decision-making.

3D Laser Projection and In-Process Verification (IPV) Capabilities

The VectorRI has full-featured 3D laser projection and In-Process Verification (IPV) capabilities, providing the ability to accurately project a laser outline of parts, artifacts or areas of interest onto any surface or object.  A 3D CAD model is used to provide a virtual template which operators and assemblers use to quickly and accurately position components with absolute confidence.  Step-by-step assembly and guidance instructions are projected directly onto the work surface.  Then, using IPV technology, the FARO VectorRI scans any placed components to ensure complete conformance and precise placement.


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