FARO Laser Tracker

Portable, Large-Scale, High-Accuracy 3D Measurement.
VantageS: Short-to-long range measurement applications up to 80 m.
VantageE: Short-to-medium range measurements up to 35 m.


FARO Laser Tracker Benefits

Maximize productivity and reduce inspection cycle times by 50% to 75%:

  • Faster, easier measurement with ActiveSeek and RemoteControls
  • Faster, easier setup – no cabling or external control unit
  • Faster WiFi, warmup, and field compensation
  • Multiview color stereo cameras with industry-leading field of view enable ActiveSeek, SmartFind, and Gestures across a wide footprint for quicker target acquisition and faster workflows
  • With a measurement output of 1,000 points per second, the VantageS and VantageE are more than three times faster than FARO’s previous generation of Laser Trackers

Exceptional portability:

  • Easy transport and setup – one case contains everything you need
  • No external control unit
  • Battery operation capability enhances portability

Robust performance delivers consistent, dependable, and repeatable measurement results across a wide array of applications:

  • High accuracy with lower drift than typical two-beam ADM systems
  • Operates in darkness or bright sunlight

Rugged design and construction:

  • Single beam laser and fewer components
  • Rigorous shock, vibration, temperature cycle, and humidity testing
  • Built-in shock absorber protects Vantage against rough treatment during mounting
  • IP52 water and dust resistant

Realize a quick return on investment:

  • Reduce rework, scrap, and downtime
  • Increase efficiencies in measurement and production times


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