FARO 3D-Contour Scan Head

FARO’s 3-Axis Scan Head with High-Speed Focuser

FARO 3D-Contour Scan Head

FARO 3D-Contour Scan head Features

Large Field/Small Spot
The 3D-Contour can scan fields as large as 1m x 1m and produce a laser spot size as small as 30µm for marking anywhere in the field. The ability to vary the field and spot size offers application flexibility.

Processes 3D Work Surface
The 3D-Contour incorporates an XY scan head plus a linear lens translator (the Z-axis) that can produce a flat or contoured field by dynamically focusing on the surface of the workpiece. 

Wavelength: 1064nm

13mm input, 20mm mirror aperture

Easy generation of custom correction files

Flexible for process development and job shop settings

Ideal for high-volume factory laser processing



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