FARO LEC-2 Embedded Laser Marking Controller

Ethernet-based stand-alone advanced controller

FARO LEC-2 Embedded Laser Marking Controller

FARO LEC-2 Controller Licensing Options

FARO offers three licensing options (BASIC, STANDARD, and FACTORY AUTOMATION) for the LEC-2 Embedded Controller for operation mode.

1) Basic 
Streaming implies that data is moving from one location to another. In this case, the laser processing data originates in WinLase® on the PC and travels across the network to the LEC board.

This is the only supported mode of operation for a Basic license LEC board. A PC running WinLase is required to generate the data – it cannot be generated directly on the LEC board.

2) Standard
With a Standard license, it is possible to have the LEC generate laser processing data on-board, without needing to communicate to a PC or other processor. Processing can be controlled by an external source via the Remote API or by manipulating the LEC user inputs. This is referred to as “stand-alone job execution”.

Streaming data from a PC is also supported with a Standard license.

3) Factory Automation

An LEC with a Factory Automation license has the Stand-alone job functionality as well as Streaming mode. It adds an additional communication protocol known as EtherNet/IP.

Factory Automation also enables the mark-on-the-fly (MOTF) capabilities of the LEC controller.


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