FARO WinLase® Laser Processing Software

Powerful, proven seamless integration

FARO WinLase<sup>®</sup> Laser Processing Software

FARO WinLase® Laser Processing Software Interface Options

COM Automation Server Programming Library (WinLase LAN and Pro)
Customize programs from basic to complex with the WinLase LAN COM Automation server. The COM Server offers external programs the ability to communicate with and control WinLase LAN from many popular programming languages. It also provides all the functionality of the Marker Library with direct access to job objects and marking objects.

WinLase Host Interface (WinLase LAN and Pro)
The Host Interface lets your own remote program to take control of WinLase LAN and Pro. TCP/IP and RS-232 interfaces are supported.

WinLase SDK
A Win32 DLL exposing a low-level command interface for FARO’s LEC controllers.


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