FARO Xtreme Series

Best 2-Axis Scan Head for Smaller Spots

FARO Xtreme Series

FARO Xtreme Series Specifications

Scan angle ±22.5°
Resolution 16 µrad
Linearity 99.50%
Repeatability 20 µrad
Gain drift < 70 ppm/°C
Offset drift 15 µrad
Step response (1% of full scale, 99% settled)
Xtreme with 10mm aperture 400 µs
Xtreme with 15mm aperture 600 µs
Power Supply  
Voltage (max volt ±18 volts) ±15 volts
Current (RMS) ±3 Amps
Peak ±10A
Control Interface  
Digital XY2-100
Analog (volts) ±5, ±10
Operating temperature 0° – 40°C
Storage temperature *-10° – 60°C
Humidity (non-condensing) ≤ 80%
Weight (kg) 1.8
Specifications are subject to change without notice.  


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