FARO Forensic ScanArm Solution

High-Resolution, Non-Contact 3D Scanning for Forensic Anthropology and Crime Labs.

FARO Forensic ScanArm Solution

FARO Forensic ScanArm Solution Applications

The Forensic ScanArm is the ideal solution for gathering and creating digital documentation of forensic evidence and artifacts. Forensic anthropologists, crime labs, and medical examiners can all benefit from the time savings and accuracy afforded by the Forensic ScanArm solution.

Forensic Anthropology
Forensic evidence and artifacts are often small and fragile. Non-contact, non-destructive scanning allows the user to quickly, accurately, and safety collect digital documentation of the evidence.

Crime Labs
Gather and create digital documentation of evidence and ultimately 3D print for presentation in court and/or teaching.

Coroner and Medical Examinations
Time for gathering forensic evidence is limited. The Forensic ScanArm solution allows coroners and medical examiners to quickly digitize traumatic injuries to bones. The data can be analyzed later to identify the victim through facial reconstruction and ultimately aid in solving the crime.

Facial Reconstruction
When coupled with Geomagic’s® Freeform® software, the Forensic ScanArm solutions allow facial reconstruction and modeling to be performed for the purpose of victim identification.

Digital Archiving of Evidence
Some cases take years to solve and/or may be reopened as a result of appeals or as new evidence is found. Scan data provides a permanent and accurate 3D digital record of the evidence from which measurements can be taken and analysis can be performed days or even decades later.

3D Printing of Replications of Evidence
It is often not practical, legal, advisable or ethical to carry actual artifacts or specimens into the courtroom. Scan data generated by the Forensic ScanArm solutions can be meshed and 3D printed to provide compelling courtroom presentations.


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