FARO® ScanPlan 2D Handheld Mapper

FARO® ScanPlan is a lightweight, handheld mapper that enables Public Safety & Security Professionals to quickly and easily capture and visualize 2D floor plans for pre-incident planning, threat assesment and crime/fire investigation.  FARO® ScanPlan supports AEC Professionals by creating 2D as-built documentation, ensuring optimal scan job planning, and forming the basis for effort estimation and quotation.

FARO<sup>®</sup> ScanPlan<sup>™</sup> 2D Handheld Mapper

FARO® ScanPlan Software



Control the ScanPlan with an app on your Android or iOS smartphone. During and after mapping you can create measurements, and add notes, pictures, or files from your phone.

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Use FARO Zone 2D software (included), to turn any floor plan map into a completed diagram by adding doors, stairs, hazardous materials, notes, dimensions, and more.

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SCENE WebShare Cloud

SCENE WebShare Cloud

SCENE WebShare Cloud – a secure cloud-based solution for storing and sharing scanning data with different project partners

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Take the next step in virtual reality and immersive training environments with the present4D VR suite, powered by FARO®.

This flexible solution allows users to easily create and share immersive scenes with anyone, anywhere, without needing a high-end VR headset. Create compelling case presentations with virtual guided tours that show 360o views, points of interest, additional A/V material and more.

Try it for yourself! Fill out the form above to download your free trial and receive an email with a portal code to access sample cases or build one yourself. Discover how present4D can help easily showcase your court presentations in VR.

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