Speed up your design process with high density scanning

Dates: 27 Feb, 2020 - 27 Feb, 2020
Location: Kalundborg, Denmark

Tick Cad invites everyone with an interest in laser scanning to a half day seminar providing you with insights into how laser scanning with the 3D FARO® Focus and 3D FARO ® ScanArm can help speed up your design processes working with for example the measuring of space, facades, constructions, outdoor areas, reverse engineering, 3D documentation, measuring prototypes, pipes, falls, switches, installations and much more.

Date: 27 February 2020
Time: 8:30 am – 12 pm
Location: Kalundborg, Denmark

Price: Free of charge but registration is required

Registration: Please contact us on  + 45 72 118 184 or register below


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