SCENE WebShare Cloud

SCENE Webshare Cloud – Tarama datalarinin saklanmasi ve diger proje ortaklari ile paylasimi icin gelistirilmis güvenli ve Cloud-tabanli cözüm

SCENE WebShare Cloud

WebShare Cloud Package


Base Package

price per year

€ 790


50 GB*

Downloads per month

50 GB***

Good for: (typical)

500 scans

Assigned Users


3D Conversion of positions for 3D viewing per month




*Typical storage demand per scan: 80-100MB. Additional storage at 0,10€ per gigabyte per month.
**Maximum number of registered users is technically limited by the maximum size of a computable integer number.
***Additional download volume at 0,10€ per gigabyte per month.
****0,10€ per additional Scan.


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