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Hybrid Reality Capture™, Powered by Flash Technology™
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  • 3D Metrology

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

  • Public Safety Analytics

Identify Quality Issues Fast

The errors and non-conformance issues you don’t catch cause unnecessary waste, rework and unhappy customers. When delays matter, the right inspection technologies help.

Eliminate Guesswork in Production

Struggles with alignment and part placement slow down production processes. When speed counts, precision measurement tools are the solution.

Bring Designs to Reality

The most innovative designs lose their wow factor if the products can’t be manufactured. When you need to stay ahead of the competition, 3D modeling solutions give you the edge.

Prevent Costly Construction Errors

You have to keep your project on schedule and within budget, but measurement mistakes strain productivity. 3D scanning tools bring real-world data to your BIM plans to reduce cost, risk and waste.

Ensure Precision During Building Design

Manual on-site tape measuring and outdated blueprints of existing buildings can lead to inaccuracies. 3D scans of job sites keep real-world data securely at your fingertips and ensure that your designs can be built.

Maintain Accurate Facility Data

Managing and maintaining a facility is hard if you don’t have accurate data about the building. Laser scanning solutions solve the problem by giving you access to an accurate digital twin of your facility.

Catch All the Critical Details

You usually get one chance to collect scene data, and you don’t want to miss anything. But with a 3D scan of the scene, you’ll always have access to all the details.

Clear Roads Faster and Producing Better Results

You’re under pressure to deliver reconstructions with accuracy and speed. 3D scene scans deliver all the data you need to give clear, accurate and science-backed answers.

Present Your Case Clearly

Evidence presented in the courtroom needs to be clear so a jury can understand it. 3D data and printed models help juries make their decisions.
Hybrid Reality

FARO Announces the Release of Hybrid Reality Capture™

Hybrid Reality Capture™, powered by Flash Technology is a first-of-its-kind accelerated workflow that combines the accuracy of a 3D laser scan with the speed of a panoramic camera.
FARO Signal User Conference

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FARO Signals is an exclusive event dedicated to empowering construction professionals with the knowledge, tools and connections needed to thrive in this era of data-driven decision-making.
The products that FARO provides are reliable and create a time savings for our company.
Wayne Krueger
Bemis Company Inc.
I have been using coordinate measurement equipment and software for 25 years. You guys are leading the field.
Robert Walter Jr.
The Boeing Company
FARO products are accurate, rugged and dependable. I’ve used them in many industrial settings, all over the world.
Peter Tavis
Thermal Structures Inc.


The most trusted contact, portable measurement arm technology; ideal for precision assembly in tough industrial environments.

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