GeoSLAM’s Post-acquisition Hub:

A Place for Solutions, Support and General Information.
Looking for GeoSLAM? Don’t worry, you are in the correct place. The result of the exciting acquisition has brought together the strengths and expertise of both GeoSLAM and FARO Technologies. Whether you are a current GeoSLAM customer or want to learn more about mobile mapping, this hub serves as a portal to GeoSLAM solutions, support and general information.
GeoSLAM Timeline

The Gateway to GeoSLAM Resources and Support

Find a wealth of GeoSLAM resources and dedicated support information from our newly integrated web pages.

FARO Support

Get support from our committed team who are on hand to answer questions and resolve queries.

Academy Information

GeoSLAM Academy pages are now housed in FARO Academy. Sign up to access learning resources, on-demand webinars and self-paced courses.

Knowledge Base

Access FARO’s Knowledge Base for technical resources and information on GeoSLAM’s hardware and software.

Elevate your Experience with our Mobile Mapping Solutions

From innovative solutions to time-tested favorites, GeoSLAM offers a range of mobile mapping solutions. Explore the range of products and discover what’s possible with mobile mapping.

The ZEB Range

From the versatility of the ZEB Horizon and its accessories to the cost-effective and shorter-range ZEB Revo RT, the ZEB Family has a range of mobile mapping options. Click the link to learn more about each of the core products from GeoSLAMs ZEB range.

FARO Connect

Originally GeoSLAM Connect, FARO Connect offers great functionality when processing and cleaning data. Bring digital replicas to life and extract immediate insights from 3D point cloud data. Faro Connect is compatible with FARO Orbis and the ZEB range of scanners.

FARO Orbis

The latest edition to FARO’s range of scanners, FARO Orbis is the first hybrid mobile mapping solution. Powered by FLASH technology, Orbis captures scans on the move, as well as static Flash scans for increased granularity and accuracy.
GeoSLAM Distributor

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Contact one of our Authorized Distributors to help with booking demos, pricing and to answer questions about how our solutions capture geospatial data quickly and easily.
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Contact us Today

Follow the link to contact our team for information about our solutions, technical support or public relations.

About GeoSLAM's History


GeoSLAM launch ZEB1, the world's first SLAM based handheld mapping system


Launch of next generation revolving handheld SLAM system, ZEB Revo


GeoSLAM Desktop, the first version of our Hub software is released


ZEB Revo goes realtime with the launch of the ZEB Revo RT


3D Laser Mapping merge with GeoSLAM. ZEB Horizon is launched at INTERGEO


ZEB Discovery is launched


The ZEB Go is launched, offering low-cost handheld SLAM to all


GeoSLAM Connect is launched


The ZEB Vision 4K panoramic camera is launched for better than ever colourisation


GeoSLAM joins FARO Technologies creating the broadest set of 4D data capture solutions.

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