FARO 3D Documentation User Conference 2015

3D Documentation Conference 2015

The 5th edition of the annual 3D Documentation Conference 2015, that has taken place at the Motorworld in Stuttgart-Böblingen/Germany, has yet again attracted more than 200 participants from all over the world to discuss the latest trends, innovations and applications in 3D Laserscanning.

The unique mixture of more than 30 workshops and keynotes has been proving impressively how latest 3D technology may bring past, present and future to life. Covering an enormous scope of industry areas including Automotive, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Cultural Heritage, Forensic, Film, etc. the conference has again shown the vast possibilities in applications.

We would like to thank all speakers, participants and partners for having joined our FARO 3D Documentation Conference 2015 who have considerably contributed to its success. We hope you have enjoyed the experience, established new networks, interchanged with our experts and got to know new insights into the world of 3D Documentation.

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Participants can expect to also find comprehensive presentations on the latest hardware and software solutions from FARO and its development partners.
Keynotes by renowned professionals and power speeches by industry experts deliver a real insight into the changing world of 3D documentation using the latest technologies.
The meeting offers a strong focus on hands-on workshops to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information between users and interested parties of the various systems and technologies.
During the event there will be plenty of opportunities for the participants to establish networks, e.g. with special activities during the breaks.
Get to meet FARO’s 3rd party partners, who will showcase their latest 3D Documentation products on a specific exhibition area.