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FARO Sphere is a cloud-based information platform that provides the most efficient exchange of data possible — including remote collaboration on 3D projects. It provides a centralized user experience across FARO point cloud applications and service-oriented platforms through a secure, single point sign-on process.

Key to Sphere’s success is its interoperability with the new FARO Stream mobile app. For FARO Focus users who wish to upload their scan data into Sphere, Stream enables on-site pre-registration. Users will be confident in acquiring complete data capture.

Once uploaded, global teams have immediate access to that data where it can be downloaded again, off-site, with point cloud registration completed in FARO SCENE Software. Synched back into Sphere, project stakeholders have direct line of sight on all completed projects.

By adopting Sphere, users can expect a variety of workflow benefits:

  • The closing of workflow gaps by enabling remote collaboration
  • Expedited in-office registration based on the uploaded pre-registered scans
  • Creation of final deliverables from other FARO tools like As-Built Modeler without the need for third party data export
  • Centralized storage for all projects enhances security, multi-user access and organizational efficiency with real-time project management
  • The ability to share work directly via WebShare Software to all product stakeholders
  • Elimination of extra site visits due to registration failure caused by poor scan placement and incomplete data from scan shadows

On-site job completion up to 50% faster with total confidence the data captured is complete.

FARO Sphere feature

A single source platform that connects hardware and real-time data for today’s global economy

FARO Sphere feature

Unparalleled remote-access project management that enables stakeholders’ direct line of sight on all finished work from anywhere in the world

FARO Sphere feature

Significant time savings (up to 50%) associated with the on-site pre-registration process with no physical SD card waiting to be returned to the office

FARO Sphere feature

In a world of disconnected operations and cumbersome processes, Sphere helps companies make better decisions, faster, maximizing quality, productivity and profitability with every project they complete.

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FARO Sphere Connect Your World

FARO® Sphere is a cloud-based information platform that provides the most efficient exchange of data. Download and read the full brochure to learn more.

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FARO Sphere

Achieve faster reality data capture and project success through a centralized cloud ecosystem built specifically for FARO service platforms and related applications.
The combination of the new Focus® Laser Scanner, Stream, and Sphere … is going to cut our scanning and processing time down by 60% easily. This time savings will allow us to examine scanning projects more frequently, scanning projects we normally wouldn’t have because of time constraints, and expanding our offerings to customers.
Travis Voss
Helm Group

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