FARO Sphere: Connect Your World Anytime, Anywhere

Engineer using the new FARO Sphere software

Get to Know FARO® Sphere: A Cloud-based Software Platform for Reality Capture, Data Processing and Information Sharing Anytime, Everywhere

Introducing a Software as a Service (SaaS) ecosystem that connects hardware and real-time data for today's global economy.

FARO® Sphere is a cloud-based information platform that provides the most efficient exchange of data possible — including remote collaboration on 3D projects. For FARO Focus Laser Scanner users who wish to upload their scan data into Sphere, the new FARO Stream smartphone app enables on-site pre-registration while providing added confidence on the completeness of data capture.

At its core, Sphere is a cloud-based data management tool. And with FARO WebShare Software serving as the web viewer, users can explore and share captured 3D data and compare that data with the design as a CAD or BIM output. Users will also have access to a variety of FARO's customer support platforms.

Download and read the full brochure to learn how you can harness the unprecedented connectivity and collaboration potential that Sphere represents. In a world of disconnected operations and cumbersome processes, making better decisions, faster, to maximize quality, productivity and profitability is not just good business; it's essential.

Design & Plan
Maintain & Operate
Quality Control & Inspection (BP)
Surveying & Measurement
As-Built Capture & Modeling
Construction Quality Control
Digital Twin for Asset & Facility Management
Historical Preservation
Architecture, Engineering & Construction
2D Handheld Mapper
3D Scanners
Apps & Plug-Ins
Mobile Mapping Systems
Software - Architecture, Engineering & Construction
Architecture, Engineering, Construction
FARO Sphere

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