FARO Sphere: Connect Your World Anytime, Anywhere

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Get to Know FARO® Sphere: A Cloud-based Software Platform for Reality Capture, Data Processing and Information Sharing Anytime, Everywhere

Introducing a Software as a Service (SaaS) ecosystem that connects hardware and real-time data for today's global economy.

FARO® is a cloud-based information platform that provides the most efficient exchange of data possible — including remote collaboration on 3D projects. For FARO Focus Laser Scanner users who wish to upload their scan data into Sphere, the new FARO Stream smartphone app enables on-site pre-registration while providing added confidence on the completeness of data capture.

At its core, Sphere is a cloud-based data management tool. And with FARO WebShare Software serving as the web viewer, users can explore and share captured 3D data and compare that data with the design as a CAD or BIM output. Users will also have access to a variety of FARO's customer support platforms.

With the addition of Sphere Viewer, a single, cloud-based solution inside the Sphere platform, 3D point clouds and HoloBuilder 360° projects can be viewed and shared all in one place. Ideal for 4D construction management where the ability to compare elements over time is critical, project managers and VDC managers alike can better democratize data and eliminate the need to use two platforms for their reality capture needs. The result is de-siloed data, greater ease of use, and the enhanced ability to visualize 4D data.

Download and read the full brochure to learn how you can harness the unprecedented connectivity and collaboration potential that Sphere represents. In a world of disconnected operations and cumbersome processes, making better decisions, faster, to maximize quality, productivity and profitability is not just good business; it's essential.

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Quality Control & Inspection (BP)
Surveying & Measurement
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Construction Quality Control
Digital Twin for Asset & Facility Management
Historical Preservation
Architecture, Engineering & Construction
2D Handheld Mapper
3D Scanners
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Mobile Mapping Systems
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Architecture, Engineering, Construction
FARO Sphere

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