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FARO, Geomagic, Adam LZ and You: Jumpstarting Product Design with 3D Measurement Solutions

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Watch this webinar to learn about the 3D measurement hardware and software solutions that can unlock hidden savings and efficiencies in your reverse engineering and product design processes.

Adam LZ, automotive YouTuber and professional motorsports racer and Matt Mogensen, drift car racer and mechanical engineer, are featured in a special segment on reverse engineering hard-to-find parts.

With a workflow that combines the FARO® Quantum Max ScanArm portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and Geomagic Design X, you can distinguish yourself and your company by increasing speed to market and keeping ahead of the competition.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn how to reverse engineer both legacy and prototype parts to keep your operations running at full capacity.
  • Scan shiny black parts and objects, plus gain measurement access to locations that are out of line-of-sight.
  • Learn how you can live transfer a full history tree into your favorite CAD with Geomagic Design X.
  • Speed up the project’s schedules and timelines, allowing your company to win more business downstream by increasing time to market and end-user satisfaction.


Will Pitarello

Will Pitarello | Senior Applications Specialist | FARO

Will has more than 8 years of experience as a Senior Applications Specialist for 3D Metrology at FARO.


Greg George

Greg George | Application Engineer Manager | Oqton

Greg has over 14 years of experience as an Application Engineer Manager at Oqton.


Featuring special guests:

Adam LZ

Adam LZ

Automotive YouTuber, Professional Motorsports Driver and Entrepreneur.


Matt Mogensen

Matt Mogensen

Mechanical Engineer and Drift Car Racer


In addition, this webinar was filmed live at the LZ Compound, a private 30 acre automotive facility. If you’re interested in drift car racing, high-performance vehicles, and reverse engineering for automotive customization, you won’t want to miss this.

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