Collect the Critical Evidence

Capture and process crime scene evidence as completely as possible the very first time.
Crime Analysis Guide

3D laser scanning technology is transforming crime scene investigation. It allows you to capture complete, accurate views of the on-scene evidence and generate photorealistic 360-degree views of the space. And with FARO® 3D software, you can generate compelling diagrams and detailed walk-throughs that play into the “CSI effect” many juries now expect.

Download this guide to learn about the data-driven solutions that can help you:

  • Capture crime scene evidence faster, more safely and in greater detail.
  • Create compelling, objective and scientifically validated courtroom deliverables.
  • Securely share accurate, understandable reports with third parties.

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Police Use Laser Scanning Tools to Document and Recreate Shootings

U.S. law enforcement use FARO Focus Laser Scanners to preserve crime scenes and collect critical evidence related to shootings, including those in Cleveland and San Bernardino.

How 3D Technology Improves a Crime Scene Investigation Workflow


  • 1. Evaluate & Capture On-Scene Evidence


    Spend hours capturing the scene using slower manual methods that leave more room for human error, and make it challenging and time consuming to capture intricate details like bullet trajectories or blood spatter patterns.

    With 3D Tools:

    Quickly and accurately capture the entire crime scene using a FARO® Focus Laser Scanner and/or a handheld laser scanner to capture every small detail.

    With the FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanner, you can capture 60-120 million data points per second The Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner can scan an entire room in 6 minutes.

  • 2. Prepare Data for Analysis
     Manage Files


    Manually archive the data collected at the scene from different sources, including all hand measurements, notes and photographs.

    Analyze Crime Scene Data

    With 3D Tools:

    Maintain the integrity of the data and archive it as soon as you’re done scanning the scene. Because 3D scans capture every detail, it’s easy to go back and look at evidence that may not be deemed important until later in the investigation.

  • 3. Process and Manage Data
     Capture digital crime scene data 


    Process the data you’ve captured from various sources manually or with software that may not be specifically designed for the complexity of crime scene reconstruction.

    Download Crime Data

    With 3D Tools:

    Merge the data from different sources using standalone software FARO® SCENE Software, then add measurements, annotations and imagery.

    Import data into FARO® Zone 3D Software from any laser scanner to create realistic diagrams and perform blood spatter and bullet trajectory analysis.

    FARO Zone 3D can generate a complete report.

  • 4. Analyze Data and Create Diagrams
     Analyzing Crime Data 


    Manually create diagrams and stitch together photographs, individual measurements and other 2D evidence to try and create a complete picture of the crime scene.

    Crime Scene

    With 3D Tools:

    Analyze and show every angle of the scene by:

    • • Animating the actions of those involved in the crime
    • • Creating scaled diagrams of complex indoor spaces – accurate to the millimeter
    • • Placing models in the diagram to demonstrate the perspective of a specific victim or witness

  • 5. Prepare Documents for Trial
     Crime Scene Documentation  Today:

    Compiling the trial package…

    • • Photographs
    • • Hand Sketches
    • • Total Station diagrams


    Crime Data Digital Capture

    With 3D Tools:

    Compiling the substantive trial package…

    • • Detailed digital reports
    • • 2D diagrams
    • • Fly-through videos
    • • 3D animations
    • • Drone imagery

    • "With the FARO Scanner, we are able to create photo-realistic, full-color, 3D diagrams for prosecutors to use in court. These images help members of the jury gain a perspective on what the actual scene looked like that is just not possible to do with 2D diagrams."
      Pete Davey, Managing Director at Viewpoint Investigative Services, Ltd


  • 6. Prepare & Present Evidence
     Crime Evidence 


    Stitch together the scene for the court with photographs, 2D diagrams and other evidence that juries may not understand or be able to clearly visualize.

    Crime Scene Recreation

    With 3D Tools:

    Provide realistic, detailed deliverables that the prosecution or defense can use to virtually transport the courtroom to the scene of the crime.

We completed a total of 5 scans in various areas of the scene. Each scan took approximately 11 ½ minutes to complete. So, in less than one hour we were able to document the entire intersection and all 55 items of evidence. Plus, with the FARO Laser Scanner, we were able to create photorealistic, full-color 3D diagrams for prosecutors to use in court. These images helped members of the jury gain a perspective on what the actual scene looked like that was just not possible with 2D diagrams.
Peter Quick
Colorado Springs Police Department
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