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Implementing remote & digital jobsite operations

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Learn how to maintain effective routines by utilizing remote data to keep facility and jobsite projects moving forward


A closer look at effectively planning, managing and collaborating on projects remotely.

The growth in digitalization of AEC project management and data evaluation is not new. However, recent shifts and increasing demand in the requirement to work together in a remote or virtual environment is putting pressure on firms to pivot in their processes and adapt.

In most cases, this means adapting new methods and tools for documentation, analysis and communications. In this webinar, we are going to dive into technology that any AEC firm can leverage to manage and collaborate with various stakeholders, remotely accessing and working with 3D data to keep projects moving.

You'll learn how to gain secure and instant access to detailed measurements from anywhere with virtual walkthroughs to save time, money and resources.

Join us, as real industry experts give examples and explain how their companies have been able to overcome site access and operational limitations to connect and manage - performing project bidding, estimates, scoping and site planning virtually.


Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn how to access a job site virtually
  • See full site walkthrough capabilities
  • Continue project bidding, estimates, scoping and site planning virtually
  • Explore ways operations can use the data to limit trips to the field
  • Learn how to make highly detailed measurements available to all project teams, including sub-contractors
  • Learn how using Data Cloud Services allows for the easy transfer of project data and analytics to all collaborators

Meet the presenters:


Ryan Fluckiger | Integrated Construction Coordinator at Mortenson

RyanFluckigerRyan is an Integrated Construction Coordinator at Mortenson, a national commercial General Contractor. His current role is Reality Capture Specialist and oversees operations on a 1 million square foot data center being built in Eagle Mountain Utah. This currently includes drones, 360 cameras, laser scanning, and the management/distribution of data collected. Ryan has captured over 5,000 individual laser scans on projects including sports venues in Arizona such as hockey, basketball, and football stadiums, a hotel in downtown Phoenix, business campuses, research/training facilities in Denver, and various civil and water treatment projects.

Mark Franklin | 3D Reality Capture Lead Manager at Kleinfelder

MarkFranklinMark has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, working for an engineering consulting company. Mark was trained as a mechanical piping designer and has grown into many different roles throughout his career. He is now the reality capture lead for Kleinfelder, trained in 3D laser scanning hardware and modelling software applications that enable advanced project collaboration processes.

Webinar/gravação de apresentação
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