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Instantly share scan data through the entire project cycle

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Today’s building and facility projects demand instantaneous information throughout every stage. There are numerous stakeholders involved and they each depend upon the most up-to-date information to verify quality and to maintain the project schedule. Sharing 3D data sets enables architects, contractors and engineers to make better informed decisions. However, in most cases sharing data can be a challenge due to file size and software proficiency.

WHAT IF: Project scan data could be easily shared and viewed in any web browser by all collaborators throughout the entire project lifecycle.

It’s possible, with FARO® WebShare Software AEC professionals can manage, view and collaborate on your project scan data to expedite information gathering and decision making.

This webinar focuses on introducing you to WebShare, FARO’s intuitive cloud-based solution for managing, sharing and collaborating on 3D laser scanning projects.

Watch this webinar to:


  • Discover the ease of managing large point cloud data sets through cloud-based solutions
  • Understand the key benefits of project collaboration among stakeholders
  • Explore the advantages of ongoing, accurate construction documentation
  • Learn WebShare’s ability to remove technical barriers and democratize the use of point cloud data
  • Know how to implement and optimize your daily workflow with WebShare


Webinar/gravação de apresentação
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