FARO CAM2 Measure 10 Software

FARO CAM2 Measure 10 is the FARO’s all-in-one metrology software for users that are looking for a single, complete solution for probing and scanning tasks, without the need of any additional software. CAM2 Measure 10 is ideal for CAD and non-CAD inspection and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).

Designed with inspection in mind, CAM2 Measure 10 can be used in combination with a FARO scanning device, such as the FARO ScanArm, providing state-of-the-art functionalities for CAD-to-Part analysis. The software is perfectly suited for tasks such as the inspection of free and complex forms and even soft or flexible materials that are difficult to inspect with a tactile system.

Live Colour Scan

The function increases the efficiency of the scanning process. Users can quickly scan free-form parts and check their quality in real time. The software provides immediate feedback with different colours deviations from the CAD model during the scanning process, supporting an easy and prompt identification of inconsistencies. No additional post scan analysis is required.

Point Cloud Registration

Users can merge two or more spatially disjointed point clouds from a common part. This is very useful when the user has to move an already scanned part to a new position for scanning from a different side, or move the scanning device to a new location and scan from there without the need to reference the new device’s position.

Cross Section Analysis

This feature allows for the 2D analysis of scan data over a well-defined area of the CAD. Users can extract dimensions (radius, angle, height) for analysis, add markers to define locations where labels will show deviations and set the best view for reporting.

Align my Part Wizard

This wizard makes CAD to Part alignment very simple. With a single button click, the user is guided through the process of defining an alignment using 3 datums or 6 or more surface points.

Deviation Markers

Users can pre-set the areas where detailed analysis will be needed. The software simplifies the measurement process by guiding operators to those areas where data must be collected.

QuickTools Player

This tool enables operators to run QuickTools from a simple Graphical User Interace.

Repeated Part Measurement

Measurement of multiple parts can be simplified using QuickTools programming. Users can develop part programs quickly by recording the steps in the first measurement. They can also add pictures to the measurement steps to provide easy graphical instructions for other operators.

TrackArm Positioning

FARO’s TrackArm system enables users to measure with a FaroArm or FARO ScanArm over a larger volume, using the FARO Laser Tracker to accurately determine the position of the arm as it is relocated around the measurement volume. The TrackArm solution allows all arm measurements to be taken in the coordinate system of the part.

Remote measurement

With the CAM2 Measure 10 Remote Apple App, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners can communicate with their CAM2 Measure 10 via WLAN and thus conduct remote measurement: run commands, change scanning modes, take positions and see results in real-time. It also supports multiple operators and QuickTools.

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