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The world's leading construction progress tracking platform, powered by 360° reality capture
Construction progress management is essential for a given project to remain on schedule and on budget. Especially with traditional documentation methods, this can be difficult. The HoloBuilder construction progress tracking software provides users with powerful photo documentation for capturing the progress of your construction site in the most efficient and effective way possible with 360° photos, automatically organized by project, sheet and time. Use the virtual version of your construction site to view it in 360° online from anywhere at any time. Be confident that your progress is recorded with construction photo documentation—accessible whenever and wherever you need it. HoloBuilder software is your 360° reality capture solution for a more efficient and effective way to track construction progress.

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Business Value of HoloBuilder Software

Reduce Cost

Save time and money with up to 80% faster construction photo documentation, compared with traditional methods. Increase productivity and reduce travel time by visiting multiple construction sites virtually with a 360° experience. Reduce rework by accessing historical photo documentation to review project progress and ensure which installations have been made – without the need to open walls.

Improve Schedule

Boost time management control by knowing as early as possible when you are going off-schedule with the benefit of multiple team members reviewing progress remotely and noticing any delays. Virtual construction site reviews also allow you to reduce inspection delays by avoiding schedule conflicts for physical construction site visits by inspectors.

Win More Work

Improve your presentations when bidding on projects and walk the owner through a previous project that you’ve documented with 360° reality capture. Differentiate your offerings with cutting-edge construction progress tracking technology, showing your innovative approach to progress management and maintain trust through increased transparency for stakeholders who can see remote progress.

Increase Safety

Limit the need for in-person construction site trips by enabling virtual visits, leading to fewer people on-site who do not need to do physical work. Create easily understandable and immersive 360° reality capture safety briefings so your teams can learn what the construction site will look like when they arrive, including emergency exits and no-go areas. Train team members about safety risks by showing examples virtually in your construction photo documentation.

The Leading Software for Construction Progress Tracking


The HoloBuilder construction progress tracking software enables field teams to capture construction site progress with 360° jobsite cameras and allows other key stakeholders, including owners, VDC teams, architects, subcontractors, and many more to access the site remotely and see its current state and historical progress from anywhere as if they were there.

The construction SaaS platform improves your workflows, fosters collaboration, and increases transparency. It allows you to share the same information and perspective with everyone. The easy and straightforward construction progress tracking process generates a complete record of your projects’ progress that’s securely accessible whenever you need it. Save time and money by eliminating debate, reducing confusion and increasing trust and collaboration.


HoloBuilder Software Features

Fast & Easy Progress Tracking

Document construction progress with unparalleled speed and accuracy. All you need is a 360° jobsite camera connected to a state-of-the-art mobile device. The power of built-in Augmented Reality technology tracks where you walk on the construction site and takes photos at meaningful locations to create a well-structured construction photo documentation of your progress.

Mobile Punchlist Item Creation

Mark up noteworthy observations on your photos in the mobile app, attach them to categories, add 2D photos for detail shots, and do much more while walking the construction site. Upload the results to the secure construction SaaS cloud and make them instantly accessible for your entire team.

2D Photo Capture & Management

Simply take a 2D photo with your mobile device and attach it to your sheet when you don’t have a 360° camera for construction at hand. Add multiple 2D photos to a single location like you do with 360° photos and don’t worry about their organization anymore.

Field-To-Office Connection

Pre-plan all your progress documentation during the preconstruction phase by placing capture points at important locations that your teams can capture later. Request construction photo documentation updates from the field by sending your team notifications on their mobile devices and save lots of travel time!

Side-By-Side Progress Comparison

Create a consistent construction photo documentation of the same locations on-site over time to generate a version history that allows you to compare different points in time side-by-side with a split screen view.

BIM Model with Progress Comparison

Upload your BIM renderings and compare them side-by-side with construction progress photos to improve your design coordination and benefit from better quality control. Take the model into the field to view it whenever you need it, online or offline.

Powerful Stakeholders Report Creation

Create powerful handover packages as PDF files, a format that your stakeholders know and trust. Download an offline version of your construction photo documentation, accessible without internet access in the proprietary offline client.

Centralized Project Management

Manage all your projects on the construction tracking platform from one single dashboard, enterprise-wide. Oversee any project or team with a few clicks and see how your projects progress on the highest level.

Permission Based Information Access

Follow a need-to-know approach when sharing information and data with stakeholders by setting the right permissions for secure access. Administrators on an enterprise level can activate specific features for projects, enable organization-wide branding projects, bulk invite new users and much more.

Progress Insights & Analytics

Make informed decisions by monitoring the analytics of your active projects and understand the progress being made on the construction sites. See project status and all ongoing activities with real-time updates on what work has been performed.

360° Reality Capture for the Entire Building Lifecycle

As-Built Documentation

Leverage the most efficient and effective method of capturing construction site reality with off-the-shelf 360° jobsite cameras, connected to the mobile app that manages the capture process and automatically maps photos to sheets. The workflow is fast, easy, and scalable, with little training of existing resources required and meets the requirements of virtually every project type and size.

Progress and Issue Management

Capture progress once to view and collaborate across all stakeholders. Inspect and validate construction sites remotely to unlock payments and resolve disputes. Track and analyze construction site progress with timely, anywhere access to a complete, historical record of construction activity. Save time and money by eliminating debate, reducing confusion and increasing trust and collaboration.

Operations & Maintenance

View and manage your assets with 360° reality capture to operate them better virtually and benefit from a complete record of progress. Mark up elements in the 360° environment to coordinate work and plan your projects virtually without interference to the day-to-day business of the asset. Coordinate with contractors and track progress against the schedule. Document facilities over time to monitor their status and establish a process that’s ready for a digital twin.

HoloBuilder Software Security & Compliance

Completed SOC 2® Type 2 Attestation

FARO is committed to delivering the highest standard of information security for our customers. We have completed a System and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) Type 2 examination of FARO Sphere® (Legacy) and FARO Sphere XG (HoloBuilder). For more information about SOC 2, visit AICPA.ORG

Local Server Options

Our services are available on servers in the United States and in the European Union and you can simply choose where you want your data to be located. Keeping your construction progress tracking data within the European Union and fulfilling an integral part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has never been easier.

Advanced Security Features

Our services have been built with security and compliance at their core. Single Sign On (SSO) via OAuth 2.0, Active Directory Synchronization, User Provisioning & Management, and many more advanced security features enable your administrators to build a scalable, agile, and collaborative governance plan.

Integrated for Higher Security

Enable your teams to use their trusted authentication provider to sign into our construction progress tracking platform. From Autodesk, to Procore, Bluebeam, Google, Apple, and more we integrate with the best-in-class SSO providers for seamless and secure access to your construction progress tracking data.
Sphere XG

HoloBuilder is Becoming FARO Sphere XG!

FARO Sphere XG is a centralized Digital Reality platform that enables construction, operations, and geospatial professionals to upload, view, measure, analyze, and share all reality capture data over time within a single environment. By integrating multiple capture formats – 360° photos, 3D point clouds, and BIM Models – into one unified platform, Sphere XG revolutionizes how you manage and interact with project and reality capture data.

See a Real Construction Site in 360°

With a hub for viewing and managing progress in 360° you will get access to a whole new experience and level of insights into construction progress tracking data — explore a real-world example below.

건설 진행 상황 추적을 위한 캡처, 보기 및 제어라는 세 가지의 강력한 360° 현실 캡처 워크플로.

Progress Capture

Document your construction site progress as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our mobile app, connected to a 360° camera for construction, guides you with a workflow to effortlessly capture construction site reality with 360° and 2D photos that are automatically organized by project, sheet and time.

Progress View

View your construction site from anywhere and at any time in full 360°. Your 360° reality capture data is available instantly. Be confident that your progress is recorded with construction photo documentation—accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

Progress Control

Compare your 360° reality capture construction data side-by-side with your BIM model renderings, with historical progress and schedules to ensure your construction project progresses as planned. Mark up observations and categorize 360° reality capture data to coordinate work.
Faro HoloBuilder

The Story of FARO and HoloBuilder Joining Forces

See how HoloBuilder became a FARO Technologies company: Innovation-driven, customer & security-focused, and ready to scale with you!

One Platform for All Stakeholders

General Contractors

Eliminate the hassle of describing construction site conditions to stakeholders. Enable them to see the reality of the jobsite for themselves by providing them with the right remote access permissions to the virtual version and powerful handover packages.


Stay up to date on all your assets and projects with frequent status updates. Save travel time and money by eliminating the need to go into the field and simply view your projects remotely. Keep all involved parties aligned in order to complete the projects successfully.

Specialty Contractors

Document the work you’ve put in place to make sure that you get paid for it as fast as possible. Making sure that all conditions are documented properly has never been easier. No blind spots mean that you can finally say “goodbye” to unpaid efforts.

Engineering Firms

Keep all stakeholders informed and on the same page with clear communication about the plan and progress. Show your clients the virtual version of their construction sites, walk them through the project and guide them from planning throughout project completion!
HoloBuilder has proven to be extremely helpful in improving all communication by capturing comprehensive insights, which would otherwise take much time, experience, and effort…It feels like we are always carrying the entire project in our pockets — anytime, anywhere.
Keisuke Hagiwara
Kajima Corporation
HoloBuilder is a powerful software program with the flexibility to adapt to many different project needs, including design and construction oversight, project planning, virtual site presence, asset management, and operations and maintenance.
Allison Yanites
Arcadis North America
We used to capture pictures; with HoloBuilder we capture progress.
Ashley Dawson
Kier Group

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