FARO Flatness Check App

Visualize floor flatness and floor levelness with a color-coded augmented reality app

Waiting for concrete to sufficiently cure on site before validating the accuracy of pours was once unavoidable. In addition, traditional FF/FL evaluation methods also required several hours to perform the measurements and calculate the analysis. This could take up to a full day, increasing time spent on site, not accounting for any potential expensive rework the next day. Fortunately, there’s now a way to reduce the entire process from hours, or even days, down to minutes – all while reducing rework – allowing your team to fix concrete slabs before they even cure.

Flatness Check, an iOS-compatible augmented reality application, enables the immediate on-site visualization of floor flatness and floor levelness. Your team can ensure concrete pours are completed on schedule with improved quality of work, and the elimination of expensive rework. Simply connect it with your compatible FARO Focus Laser Scanner to acquire and leverage the point cloud data for flatness evaluation.

To find out more, download our latest Concrete Workflow guide to learn how FARO® can help:

  • Reduce inefficiencies on site for concrete pouring workflows
  • Leverage on-site analysis to shorten the process and reduce rework needed
  • Assess concrete floor flatness faster, reducing time and expenses on site
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FARO Wins Two Innovative Product Awards at World of Concrete 2023

FARO wins two Innovative Product Awards at World of Concrete 2023 in Expert Choice Award and Industry Choice Award for Slab Tools, Equipment & Materials categories.

Concrete Industry Set to Embrace New FARO® Flatness Check App

The FARO® Flatness Check app enables the complete visualization of floor flatness and floor levelness for the pouring of concrete slabs in an augmented reality heat map.

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Business Value of Flatness Check App

Improve Quality
Detect floor flatness and floor levelness deviations with advanced construction software while the concrete is still wet.

Reduce Rework
More accurate concrete pours means less time spent reworking the concrete slab after it’s dried.

Increase Line-of-sight
Improve project management with enhanced line-of-sight for all project stakeholders to share via Sphere.

Accelerate Revenue Generation
Bring completed buildings and facilities to market faster with the ability to attract, retain and engage new business.

Keep Customers and End Users Happy
Deliver higher-quality concrete slabs that makes everyone happy and keeps people safe.

Make Informed Decisions
With the information at your team’s fingertips, they’ll be equipped to make smarter decisions faster and stay ahead of any problems.

Ensure Consistent Results
Augmented reality heat maps ensure real-time visualization of floor flatness and levelness while the concrete slab is still wet.


Flatness Check App Features

Complete Sphere Integration
Full integration with Sphere, FARO’s new cloud-based and Software as a Service-enabled ecosystem means unmatched project sharing and line-of-sight.

Focus Compatibility
Compatible with the FARO Focus Premium Laser Scanner as well as previous Focus models including: M70, S70, S150 and S350

iOS Enabled
App runs off standard iPads and is available for download in the Apple Store or through the Sphere portal.

Faster Scan Times
2.5 minutes per scan is all it takes to generate a data-focused point cloud that eliminates extraneous data above the floor.

Detailed Analysis
In 10 minutes users are able to see an analysis in the building and construction software of where high and low concrete slab areas have formed.

Regional Standards Guarantee
Scan processing and registration analyzes all data collected according to regional standards.


Flatness Check Benefits

  • Enable the immediate visualization of floor flatness and floor levelness with an augmented reality, color-coded heat map
  • Ensure concrete pours are completed on schedule with improved quality of work
  • Eliminate expensive rework and waste typical in high-rise residential and office construction
  • Compatible with standard iPads
  • Intuitive design and superior user interface
  • Maximum usability to capture scan data directly into the app’s analysis algorithms for better heat map generation
  • Fully compatible with Sphere allows remote project management line of sight and shareability

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