웹세미나: Embrace The 3D Digital World & Watch Your Business Grow

날짜: 2019년 09월 04일

웹세미나 시간: 약 35분
Webinar: Embrace The 3D Digital World & Watch Your Business Grow

Are you ready for the exciting new world of 3D product design?
Today’s world is changing fast and technology is the key to keeping up. Embracing the digital design world will help you to quickly meet your customer needs and react faster to competitive threats. Invest 35 minutes in this webinar to discover for yourself just how easy 3D scanning, data capture and meshing can be.
Learn simple techniques to setup, scan and create a perfect 3D model. Our product expert will demonstrate how the new FARO® RevEng™ Software with the 8-Axis Design ScanArm 2.5C can be used to improve your design process. Join us and discover how simple and affordable 3D product design can be. 

Webinar Topics

  • Learn how easy it is to 3D scan and design for print-ready digital files
  • See a live demo of color scanning with the new 8-Axis Design ScanArm 2.5C
  • Discover the simplicity of product design using the RevEng Software
  • Learn how affordable 3D digital data capture and design can be


Marco Torsello - Webinar SpeakerMarco Torsello has been working in the 3D digital world for several years and he is currently working as Product Manager in FARO. He has a strong passion for the digital revolution and a clear vision of the market trends and tools in the scan-to-CAD workflow.
Marco comes from the recently acquired Open Technologies group in Italy and has significant knowledge of data capture and processing into the 3D world.

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