Complete Seat Measurement

Complete Seat Measurement

The seat surface in particular is of great interest to developers of car seats. Our FARO Edge ScanArm is an outstanding measuring tool for the non-contact recording of seat geometry.

Hip Point Check

When developing car seats, dummies are used to simulate the human sitting position. In this context the position of the hip point is of particular interest to the developers.

Foam Testing

Foam Testing

To ensure consistent quality in the production of car seats it is also necessary to measure foam components. Thanks to its non-contact recording function, our FARO Edge ScanArm is an outstanding measuring tool, because no pressure is exerted on the component.

Lumbar Support Measurement

One frequent application in the development of car seats is the portrayal of the position and the adjustment path of the lumbar support.

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FARO Car Seat Application - Seat position

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