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Gage FaroArm: As Quick as a Micrometer, as Accurate as a CMM

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Bearings are foundational to precision engineering, capable of handling extraordinary loads and enabling machinery to move at exceptionally high speeds; they must operate within extremely fine tolerances, measured to exacting standards. A UK-based bearings manufacturer for the marine and power generation industries sought new ways to enhance their measuring expertise. They did so by purchasing the original FARO® Gage.

The Gage is a better way for 3D measurement solutions, working on the same theory as the CMM, but with the added benefit of portability and flexibility. Unlike a fixed CMM, the operator can verify the part is correct without having to remove it from the machine tool and lose datums.

Since the purchase of the Gage, additional benefits have been found, including the capability to measure geometric and dimensional tolerancing such as concentricity, parallelism, and squareness. Shop floor machinists regained the final inspection capability they require. And thanks to intuitive software, machine operators were able to measure their parts with only a 2-hour training course.

With success like this FARO is pleased to launch a new Gage that’s even better than its predecessor with features that include:

  • More accurate with ISO 10360-12 accuracy certification
  • Smart Probes allow faster inspection work thanks to autorecognition without recalibration after probe changes
  • 25% longer reach while being 10% lighter
  • WiFi and Bluetooth optionsWorks with all FaroArm-compatible software
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