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ASNA uses FARO solutions for precision machine alignment

Precision machine alignment using Laser Tracker  BuildIT Metrology

ASNA Overcomes Shop-Floor Challenges with Laser Tracker Technology & Large-Volume Metrology Software

Alignment Services of North America (ASNA) supports part replacement, new installation alignment and catastrophic failure for the paper industry. ASNA uses the FARO® Vantage Laser Tracker and BuildIT Metrology Software. Vantage Laser Trackers help ASNA deliver highly accurate measurement data and improve customer satisfaction.


Étude de cas
Contrôle qualité et inspection
Production, fabrication et assemblage
Fournisseurs de services de mesure
Métallerie, usinage et assemblage
Laser trackers
Logiciel : Métrologie et contrôle de la qualité
BuildIT Metrology
Production et assemblage

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