Des présentations 3D puissantes acceptées par la cour

See how you can create a stunning fly-through of any crime scene in just a few steps. FARO® makes it easy to present your case in court and share your findings in a visual and powerful way to judges, juries and attorneys.

  1. Leverage Onsite Technology: Capture the scene in 3D (in this case, scanned with a FARO FocusS 350 Laser Scanner). Use the FARO Freestyle3D Handheld Laser Scanner to capture more details or quickly fill in areas.
  2. Combine & Share Data: Bring your data into FARO SCENE Software to combine your scans into a single accurate and navigable 3D representation. Create a secure and shareable file that can be viewed with the free SCENE 2go app.
  3. Analyze & Create Scenarios: Finish your analysis with FARO Zone 3D Software. Bring in photos and reports, place bodies, calculate bullet trajectories, perform blood spatter analysis and more with this comprehensive forensic software.
Analyses pour la sécurité publique
Enquêtes sur les scènes de crime
Enquêtes sur les scènes de crime
Présentation devant les tribunaux
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Scanners 3D
Logiciel : Sécurité publique et médecine légale
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