Webinar: 3D TLS Challenges in Heritage Documentation

날짜: 2013년 07월 10일

Webinar: Basics in Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning

Webinar Overview:

Using the laser scanning in the Heritage field is already a consolidated procedure to help the digital preservation of the cultural sites all over the world. FARO 3D terrestrial laser scanner and Gexcel software solution provides Cultural Heritage experts with the newest and unique method to extract the information needed.

Conscious that 3D terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) applications are the latest and newest technologies in the Cultural Heritage world, this webinar session provides easy and intuitive workflows where everyone involved in the heritage sector can create scaled orthoimages, façades, plants and sections to set up the restoration project.


Webinar Details

Webinar Topics

  • The integrated workflow of FARO
  • Data integration with huge data management and querying with unique point densification
  • Case study
  • 2D data extraction: Plants, Sections, Façades
  • True and HR orthophoto and Solid Image
  • Simulation of the restoration work and Thematic Maps application
  • 3D HR texturized model
  • Area calculation from thematic maps
  • Video creation

Related Industry

  • Heritage


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FARO 웹세미나: 3D TLS Challenges in Heritage Documentation


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