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웹세미나: Virtual Reality in Public Safety and Forensics

장소:온라인 웹 세미나
날짜: 2019년 11월 06일

Industry: Public Safety and Forensics
In this webinar, we will share how Virtual Reality is making its way in pre-incident planning, training, investigations, courtroom presentation and more.

웹세미나: Embrace The 3D Digital World & Watch Your Business Grow

장소:온라인 웹 세미나
날짜: 2019년 09월 04일

Industry: Product Design in Manufacturing Industry
Learn how the latest 3D scanning technology can improve your digital design workflow at a revolutionary price.

웹세미나: Software Solution for Construction Verification

장소:온라인 웹 세미나
날짜: 2019년 07월 31일

Industry: Construction/Plant
In the webinar we will go through the core features of the BuildIT Construction Verification Software and look at some specific application examples.

웹세미나: 3D Assembly Guidance, Inspection and Verification Boosting Productivity in Metal Fabrication and Assembly

장소:온라인 웹 세미나
날짜: 2019년 07월 03일

Industry: Metal Fabrication and Assembly
This webinar provides insights on how technical assistance systems enable you to tackle Industry 4.0 quality challenges that help you improve quality and increase productivity in assembly and quality assurance (QA).


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